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Claims Ireland is the leading provider in Ireland of information relating to claims. We provide high quality, relevant and up to date information on all types of claims for compensation from product liability to vehicular damage. We hope that through the provision of such information the public will be made fully aware of their legal entitlements to obtain compensation.

Claims Ireland provide a panel of experts who assess cases on merit and quantum. They are on hand to provide you with a detailed assessment of your case, including whether the circumstances give rise to a viable claim and also the level of damages you should expect to receive. This is a service provided to the public free of charge.

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Advice on all types of compensation claims in Ireland

Traffic Accidents

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident either as a driver, a passenger or a pedestrian, here you will find information on whether you can claim compensation for losses suffered.

Property Damage Claims

If your property has been impacted by fire damage, flood damage, storm damage or an oil spill, our Property Claims Team can provide you with information offer clarity on whether you can claim compensation to repair the damages.

Debt Recovery

We provide a free service providing advice by a panel of experts on the likelyhood of recovery of a debt. You are then free to decide whether to pursue the debt recovery claim.

Accidents at Work

Accidents at work can often happen, sometimes with some quite severe consequences. Not all accidents can give rise to a possible compensation claim. You will find more details in this section.

Slips and Trips

Uneven footpaths, wet floors, pot holes and stuff lying about can often cause nasty falls. Find out here if compensation is available for your fall.

Medical Negligence

We place enormous trust in our medical advisors. Most of the time, they provide the right advice and treatment to improve our health. Sadly, they sometimes get it wrong. These medical mistakes can be costly and cause life changing effects.

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Since 2001, we have built up a great panel of solicitors, loss assessors and other experts in assisting with compensation claims, and now we’re looking to expand that panel. Our experts always aims to get members of the public the maximum compensation they deserve for incidents they have been involved in.

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